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After The Accident On The Freeway: Titanic Operation To Remove The Roche-Bois Footbridge

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The titanic operation to remove the footbridge from the Roche-Bois freeway lasted until the early hours of Sunday morning, February 25. Shortly before 2.30 pm on Saturday February 24, a boom pump being transported by a truck collided head-on with the footbridge on the northbound Roche-Bois freeway. The impact was so violent that part of the bridge collapsed between the cab of the truck and the front of the boom pump. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or injuries. The accident caused a huge traffic jam on the highway, and the police had to divert traffic to and from Port-Louis.

Accident on the Roche-Bois freeway

The Putzmeister arrow pump was being transported on a truck driven by a 39-year-old man from Roche-Bois. It was shortly before 2:30 pm on Saturday February 24 when the accident occurred. The vehicle was travelling northbound. The boom pump carried by the truck exceeded the four-and-a-half-meter height limit for crossing under the footbridge. The boom pump collided with part of the footbridge and tore it off.

Accident on the Roche-Bois freeway

The driver of a car in the fast lane to the right of the truck had the good reflex to brake immediately to avoid the worst. Fortunately, at that precise moment, no one had crossed the bridge. The Abercrombie, St. Croix headquarters district was immediately alerted, and with the help of the Traffic Branch police, set the wheels in motion to ensure the safety of motorists and divert traffic on this stretch of freeway.

Accident on the Roche-Bois freeway

Assistant Superintendent of Police Mukhtar Din Taujoo, in charge of the Traffic Branch, and Assistant Superintendent of Police Ashok Matar, Divisional Commander of the Metropolitan Police Northern Division and Assistant Superintendent of Police Ali Oozeer visited the scene of the accident. The Minister of Public Infrastructures, Bobby Hurreeram, was also present to supervise the road-clearing operation carried out by employees of private companies and elements of the Special Mobile Force’s civil engineering section.

Accident on the Roche-Bois freeway

The truck driver, who was taken to the Abercrombie Sainte Croix police station for questioning, was also given a breathalyzer test. This was negative. The driver’s helper on board the truck was also questioned. An investigation has been launched to shed light on all the failings that led to this serious accident, which fortunately did not result in any fatalities or injuries.

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