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Alleged Cases Of Torture: IPCC Has 3 Months To Complete The Investigation Says PM

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The Opposition Leader’s Private Notice Question was about the alleged cases of torture being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The Prime Minister said that 5 cases have been referred to the body, which has already recorded the statements of 9 police officers, who have been arrested and are currently suspended.

Of the 5 cases, one was completed and submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions on June 16. This is the case of Krishna Seetul. Pravind Jugnauth added that the IPCC has recommended prosecution for aggravated assault. The investigation continues on the other 4 cases. According to Pravind Jugnauth, the IPCC has set a deadline of 3 months to complete the investigations. He also said that on June 16, 7 videos showing acts of torture were sent to the IPC. The organization is in communication with the police on this matter. Pravind Jugnauth also said that the IPCC has asked to recruit three people.

Xavier-Luc Duval wondered if it was normal that in 22 days, the IPCC did not conduct any interrogations. The Prime Minister replied that the investigations must be done properly to avoid problems in court. Xavier-Luc Duval also pointed out that the case of Krishna Seetul was completed in two and a half years.

Xavier-Luc Duval also pointed out that the budget of the IPCC has not increased. He also said that the IPCC has no vehicle…” So how will it conduct its investigations?” he wondered. Pravind Jugnauth replied that the Prime Minister’s Office provides vehicles and drivers to the IPCC.

On the remarks of Xavier-Luc Duval, regarding the fact that political agents have been appointed as commissioners of the body, Pravind Jugnauth replied that they are qualified and meet the criteria. He added that for the appointment of Palraj Servansingh and Devanand Ramchurn, he had consulted the then leader of the opposition in 2020, Arvin Boolell.

He said that for the appointment of Deviyanee Beesoondoyal, Pravind Jugnauth said he had consulted the current leader of the opposition, who did not object. Xavier-Luc Duval then said that never in history has an objection from the leader of the opposition been taken into account.

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