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Actor Jamie Foxx Accused Of Sexual Assault At A Bar In 2015

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On Wednesday, Jamie Foxx was sued for allegedly groping a customer at a New York rooftop bar in 2015.

The lady, who is named Jane Doe in the lawsuit, claims that Foxx forced her to go to a private area of the Catch NYC rooftop lounge where he touched her under her clothes and caressed her breasts.

The woman and her friend were seated at a table adjacent to Foxx and the bar’s owner, Mark Birnbaum, according to the lawsuit. The woman’s companion got up at once in the morning and requested Foxx to take her picture.

Foxx consented, and they shot multiple pictures. According to the lawsuit, Foxx started praising the plaintiff, saying things like, “Wow, you have that super model body,” and “You smell so good.” According to the lawsuit, Foxx also commented on her saying she resembled Gabrielle Union.

Then, she claims, he grabbed her arm and dragged her to a more private area of the rooftop, where he touched her breasts through her crop top. She tried to back away after being taken off guard, according to the lawsuit, but Foxx reached down her trousers and “put his fingers on and in Plaintiff’s vagina and anus.”

According to the lawsuit, a security guard saw the groping but chose not to step in. When the woman’s companion discovered her, Foxx stopped petting her and turned to leave.

In the complaint, damages for emotional distress, pain, suffering, anxiety, and humiliation are sought. It claims that because of the soreness, the woman had to get medical attention.

In addition, Birnbaum and Catch NYC are named as defendants in the case, which claims that they allowed the attack to occur and neglected to provide proper employee supervision.

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