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A House And A BMW Ransacked By A Hundred People In Camp-Levieux, Rose-Hill

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High tension in Camp-Levieux, Rose-Hill on Tuesday evening, January 18. It is an altercation that occurred earlier between a 17 year old teenager and a driver that degenerated. A hostile crowd of about 100 people came to his home to ransack his three-story house and damaged the BMW of the 17-year-old’s father.

The 17-year-old’s father suffered injuries to his hand and required surgery on his hand. The owner of the house said he identified the leader of these incidents as a member of the Hizbullah group and a resident of Stanley, Rose-Hill.

It was around 10:50 pm on the evening of Tuesday, January 18 that police officers from the Stanley police station went to Avenue Dr. Piarroux, Camp-Levieux for a request concerning a case of “damaging property by band”. Approximately thirty glass panels from the doors and windows of this three-story house were shattered. Broken glass was scattered on the street and inside the house. The windshields and windows of a BMW were damaged, while sheet metal was broken into the interior.

A storefront window was vandalized and several gas cans were strewn across the street. The 65 year old mother and the 17 year old boy were injured while these men were throwing stones at his house. The latter was evacuated to the Victoria Hospital in Candos by relatives.

After receiving first aid, the teenager was admitted to the ward to await surgery on his hand. When the police arrived, the assailants had already left the scene. These violent incidents would have occurred following an altercation that occurred earlier. A van, which was circulating in the streets of Camp-Levieux, would have brushed the hand of the teenager. There was a heated exchange between the teenager and the driver of the vehicle.  The Criminal Investigation Division of the Western Division was assigned to this investigation.

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