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A Cyclone Warning Class III Is In Force In Mauritius As From This Morning

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According to the eighth cyclone bulletin for Mauritius issued at 0410 hours on Thursday 22 February 2024, a cyclone warning class III is in force in Mauritius

Over the past hours, the severe tropical storm Eleanor has shown signs of further intensification. The belt of strong winds is within 50 kilometres of its centre, with mean wind estimated to be around 100 km/h and gusts of the order 125 km/h.

At 0400 hours, severe tropical storm Eleanor was centered at about 200 km almost to the north-east of Mauritius near latitude 18.6 degrees south and longitude 58.8 degrees east. Eleanor is moving in a general south-south-west direction at a speed of about 20 km/h.

On this trajectory Eleanor is dangerously approaching Mauritius and it represents a direct threat. The radius of strong winds is likely to pass very close to the eastern coast of Mauritius this afternoon.

A cyclone warning class III is in force in Mauritius.

The public in Mauritius is advised to complete and maintain all precautions and stay in a safe place.

Active clouds associated with Eleanor will continue to influence weather over the island.
The weather will be overcast with intermittent rain, moderate to heavy at times and it is expected to deteriorate rapidly with widespread heavy rainfall together with thunderstorms as from the morning. These heavy rainfall will cause water accumulations and flooding in several places.

The public is strictly advised to:
1. remain in safe places; and
2. avoid places prone to water accumulation, river banks and other water courses which may be flooded and certain mountain slopes prone to landslide.

Wind will initially blow from the south-east at a speed of about 40 km/h with gusts reaching 110 km/h by mid-day, strengthening to exceed 120km/h.

Sea will become high with swells beyond the reefs and wave height will be of the order of 6 to 8 metres. Storm surge is likely to cause coastal inundation in the northern, eastern and southern low-lying areas. It is strictly advised not to go at sea and to avoid venturing along beaches.

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