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XLD: There Was A Judgment Error On The Part Of The Weather Services

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The removal of the No. 4 Cyclonic Alert in the early hours of Thursday was one of the topics discussed at the press conference of the Alliance L’Espoir this morning. For Xavier-Luc Duval, it is clear that there was an “error of judgment” on the part of the weather services. He maintains that the removal of the Alert 4 was perfectly legal but that it should have been accompanied by a danger notice. Thus, the public would have been informed that they must stay at home and not go out.

Xavier-Luc Duval also mentioned some confusion between the weather and the National Disaster Risk Reduction Committee. “This is what led to the unnecessary death of Ramjeet Gosto,” he said as he stressed the need to address the issue urgently. Xavier-Luc Duval, Paul Bérenger and Nando Bodha all stressed the importance of reviewing the protocols in place and introducing a hazard warning system, as exists in Reunion Island. XLD: “The refuge centres are unworthy of a country as rich as Mauritius” The Opposition leader deplored the deplorable conditions of the island’s refuge centres. “We are treating people like cattle. There are not even camp beds,” he complained. He said that the situation has not changed much since a Private Notice Question years back. “The refuge centres are unworthy of a country as rich as Mauritius,” he said. Referring to the sinking of the ship, Tresta Star near Reunion Island, Xavier-Luc Duval said the situation would have been catastrophic if the ship had heavy oil in its holds. L’Espoir calls for the resignation of the Electoral Commissioner in a press conference this morning, Paul Bérenger talked about the anomalies detected during the partial recount at No. 19, namely the disappearance of disappearance, a ballot from No. 1 was found in the box containing the ballots from No. 19 and the 2 ballots bearing no seal. “This is probably just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. For the MMM leader, the public confidence was completely shaken in the entire electoral system after the recount.

Paul Bérenger : total and unacceptable flip-flop of the Electoral Commissioner

Paul Bérenger strongly denounced the “total and unacceptable flip-flop” of the Electoral Commissioner on the election petitions of Nos. 1 and 15. “He himself came out and said that he agreed with a recount to No. 19. He had made strong statements that the electoral process should not be tainted. But now, he refuses to come to Court to explain himself,” lamented Paul Bérenger. As a result, the Platform L’Espoir, added the leader of the MMM, is calling for the resignation of the Electoral Commissioner. Paul Bérenger was asked about the calls for the resignation of Yusuf Aboobaker. He said Hope is monitoring the situation regarding the Electoral Supervisory Commission. “Nevertheless, we see that with the complicity of the President of the Republic, the MSM is in the process of politicising and infiltrating the Electoral Supervisory Commission,” he said.

What to do now to restore democracy – asks Nando Bodha

As for Nando Bodha, he also questioned the reliability of the system and wondered: What to do now to restore democracy and restore the confidence of citizens? Referring to the Kistnen case, he stressed that the judicial investigation and the Director of Public Prosecutions are going in the same direction. He also focused on the education component as the face-to-face start of the school year, scheduled for February 7. Several questions still remain according to him concerning the SC and HSC exams. He also asked to make an observation of places on the online courses. He also discussed the pension payment aspect. The decision of the authorities to postpone the date to the 7th of the month does not suit several beneficiaries. Application to set up a system more human.

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