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Unlicensed Bus Driver Tests Positive For Drugs

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“Mo pena license bis missie, monn pran de licence monn fer vinn enn”. That’s what 43-year-old Santosh Kumar Seeburn, who lives in Brisée Verdière, admitted after being stopped by Emergency Response Service (ERS) officers on Route Nicolay, Sainte Croix, during a roadside check on Friday August 4. The 40-year-old was unable to produce his driver’s badge. The police were suspicious about the authenticity of his bus driver’s license. After a check with the Traffic Branch at Central Barracks, it turned out that his license had been falsified. As he also had red eyes and a smeared mouth, Santosh Kumar Seeburn was initially given an alcohol test, which proved negative. However, the drug test was positive.

It was 10.50 a.m. on Friday August 4 when the driver of this Nissan bus was stopped for a roadside check at Route Nicolay, Sainte Croix. An ERS policeman asked him for his driver’s license and bus driver’s badge for verification. He produced only his driver’s license, but no bus driver’s badge.

His eyes were found to be red and his mouth pasty.  He was ticketed as he did not hold a driver’s badge. As he appeared to be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, he was subjected to tests. The drug test was positive. “Missie mo konsom heroine sorry”, he had to say.

On examining his driver’s license in detail, the RHS officers realized that the copy of the document did not match the information provided by the Traffic Branch. Santosh Kumar Seeburn declared “Mo pena license bis missie, monn pran de licence monn fer vinn enn”, before adding, “sorry missie mo konne monn fer enn erer”.

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