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Trade Minister Announces Price Reductions For Several Products

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Weekly press conference by National Infrastructure Minister Bobby Hurreeram and Labour Minister Soodesh Callichurn.  The Minister of Commerce announced that prices of several products would be reduced in the coming weeks.

Bobby Hurreeram commented on the arrest of Vimen Sabapati, Navin Ramgoolam’s close security guard. He also returned to the statement that he had told Vimen Sabapati to stay away because he had heard things about him. “Why did you, as Prime Minister, not report this case to the authorities for six months,” he said.

Bobby Hurreeram recalled that more than Rs15 billion worth of drugs have been seized from 2014 till date. There are several tonnes of drugs that arrived in Mauritius before 2015.

Commenting on the success of the MSM rally, the minister spoke of a malaise among the main parties within the opposition.

Labour Minister Soodesh Callichurn said in his speech that the National Wage Consultative Council will submit its report in 2024. If the recommendations are to the liking of the employees, they will be implemented.

Referring to the forthcoming budget presentation which would be in line with easing the burden of the population, Soodesh Callichurn mentioned the Wage Guarantee Fund, the Portable Retirement Gratuity Fund and the Portable Retirement Gratuity Allowance.

On the Portable Retirement Gratuity Allowance, he said the report was ready, but regretted that nothing had been done to implement its recommendations.

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