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This Is How Tributes To The Late Queen Elizabeth II Will Be Treated

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Mourners have been paying tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II since she died almost a month ago. They have been leaving flowers, gifts, and other items for the late queen.

Since her death, flower tributes at Green Park, Hyde Park, St James’ Park, Regents Park, and Kensington Gardens were offered in huge amounts. Now the question is, what will happen to the flower tributes?

Royal Parks, a charity that manages London’s eight royal parks, gave the solution. The organization specified the time after which tribute clearance will begin. It said that the tributes would be removed a week to two weeks after the Queen’s funeral (Monday 19). It also mentioned that floral tributes at Buckingham would be removed after 12 hours and placed in the tribute area of Green Park. The organic tributes would eventually be processed and used as compost at Hyde Park Nursery. For other kinds of tributes, like labels, cards, and plastic wrappings, it said that these would be recycled.

Royal Parks urged mourners not to leave non-biodegradable and non-recyclable gifts, such as teddy bears and balloons, for the protection of the environment. But they will not practically obstruct someone from doing so. In the case of the teddies, the charity said that they would not be disposed of; instead, the organization would “work closely” with its partners to decide their fate.

Mourners in huge numbers came to London to pay their respects to the late Queen outside Buckingham Palace with tributes of various kinds: flowers, cards, soft toys, and even orange marmalade sandwiches. The royal staff also loaded armfuls of flowers into a horse-drawn cart, as did the volunteers.

The organically composted material will be used for landscaping initiatives across the Royal Parks. The removal of the floral tributes occurs seven days following the Queen’s funeral, marking the conclusion of the royal family’s official period of grief.

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