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22 Out Of 24 Intubated Patients Died In October

This is that Kailesh Jagutpal revealed during the Private Notice Question today. He said that 24 patients were placed on life support during the...

Covid 19 In Parliament: The Number Of People Vaccinated With Sinopharm Who Has Died Is Alarming

The subject that is all over the news has once again taken over the debates. Of the 61 fully vaccinated deaths admitted to hospitals...

Jagutpal Justifies The Decision Not To Include Rapid Test Results In Official Figures

The official figures published by the besafeMoris application do not include the results of rapid tests... even when, they are positive. This is what...

Speaker Does A Walk-out During the PNQ

Sooroojdev Phokeer did a walk-out during the Private Notice Question. What irritated him was the fact that the Leader of the Opposition and the...

PNQ: Only 4 Cases of Side-effects Linked to Covid Vaccines in Mauritius

This morning's Private Notice Question focused on the Covid vaccination campaign. The Minister of Health, Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal said that a pharmacovigilance committee had been...

Duval: MIC Is A Simple Company And Not A Bank

The government, a Minister of Finance and even the Governor of the Bank of Mauritius cannot have absolute power over public money. This is...

Padayachy: Without MIC, We Would Have Plunged Into Economic & Social Chaos

The Minister of Finance refused to give details of the companies that have received financial assistance from the Bank of Mauritius' corporation. He argued...
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