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Fuels: Petrol Falls To Rs 69 A Litre And Diesel Rises Again To Rs 63.95 A Litre

The Petroleum Pricing Committee met on Friday. The decision was taken to reduce the price of petrol to Rs 69 per litre. It is...

The Petroleum Pricing Committee Recommends An Increase Of Rs 3.10 Per Liter For Petrol And Rs 5.45 Per Liter For Diesel

It was expected over the weekend, but the bad news finally came on Saturday afternoon. Diesel and petrol prices are going up! The Petroleum Pricing...

The Retail Price Of Mogas And Gas Oil Maintained At Its Current Level

The Petroleum Pricing Committee (PPC) met on Thursday 11 May 2023 and after verification of the computation of the retail prices of Mogas and...

Minister Has Disapproved The Recommendation Of The PPC To Increase The Retail Price Of Gas Oil (Diesel)

Acting under the provisions of Regulation 8A of the Consumer Protection (Control of Price of Petroleum Products) Regulations 2011 (as amended), the Minister has...

Fuel Prices: London Petrol Station Sells Diesel At Nearly £2.50 A Litre

The price of diesel has soared to nearly £2.50 a litre at a petrol station in Chelsea, west London. It comes three days after...

Fuel: 4 Hikes In 5 Months

The rumors have been confirmed at around 8pm on Wednesday 18 May. The increase in fuel prices is a reality and now costs 10%...

Seychelles’ Fuel Prices Rise Due To Global Supply Uncertainty

The Seychelles Petroleum Company (SEYPEC) has increased fuel prices in response to what its suppliers are charging, said a top official on Thursday. As of...
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