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Fuel Prices: London Petrol Station Sells Diesel At Nearly £2.50 A Litre

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The price of diesel has soared to nearly £2.50 a litre at a petrol station in Chelsea, west London. It comes three days after the cost of filling an average family car with petrol rose to £100 for the first time.

BBC Radio London went to a Gulf petrol station on Sloane Avenue where prices hit 238.9p a litre for unleaded petrol and 249.9p for a litre of diesel.

RAC motoring group’s Simon Williams said it was thought to be one of the highest in the UK.

“Every day seems to be a new record,” Mr Williams added.

“Those are particularly high prices; the average is currently 183p a litre for petrol and nearly 189p a litre for diesel.

So those prices are particularly high, some of the highest in the country.”

Gulf has been approached for a comment.

As countries turn away from using supplies from Russia – the world’s third-biggest supplier of oil – prices are rising and hitting the pockets of consumers, while government attempts to control the problems appear to be making little impact.

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