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Boat With Several Jerrycans Of Diesel Seized By Fishery Officers

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A North Division fisheries patrol intercepted a boat on the evening of Friday April 5 with twenty-one jerrycans filled with diesel in the Bain de Rosnay lagoon. Police officers from the Poudre d’Or police station were called in on suspicion that the boat was involved in an illicit transaction. The jerrycans and a truck belonging to the owner were seized as evidence by Piton’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID). The boat was detained by elements of the National Coast Guard (NCG) in Poudre d’Or.

Late in the evening of Friday April 5 and into the early hours of Saturday April 6, the owner of the boat, a 32-year-old skipper from Goodlands, reported an attempted theft of his boat, which was anchored in the Bain de Rosnay lagoon in Poudre d’Or.

On the evening of Friday April 1 5, at around 8 p.m., he says he was told by his cousin on the phone to come to the Bain de Rosnay jetty. Arriving there, he saw several officers of the fisheries guard and several blue jerrycans aboard his boat. A 15-hp Yamaha motor was on board. Neither the jerrycans nor the outboard motor belonged to him. He says he didn’t give anyone permission to take his boat.  The last time he saw it was around 11 o’clock on the morning of Thursday April 4.

The skipper was questioned at length by the CID before being allowed to leave. However, he will have to remain at the disposal of the investigators.

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