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Prime Minister Jugnauth Calls Upon Police Officers To Adhere To The Rule Of Law

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“Discipline, loyalty, integrity, objectiveness and adherence to the rule of law are the bedrock upon which effective and honorable policing is built. As police officers who have taken the Oath of Office to serve the country, you will be called upon to become role models, treat members of the public with respect and dignity, espouse high standards of professionalism, and enforce without fear and favour.”

This was the gist of the message of the Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, at the Passing out Parade of 599 Trainee Police Constables including 104 Trainee Women Police Constables enlisted in the Mauritius Police Force (MPF) held, today, at the SMF Gymkhana Sports Complex in Vacoas. The Commissioner of Police, Mr Anil Kumar Dip, several Ministers, personalities as well as families of the Police Officers were also in attendance.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister also remitted prizes to seven best trainees of different Police Training Institutions.

Passing out Parade - Mauritius Police Force 

Highlighting the responsibilities of the new recruits in ensuring the development of the nation, Prime Minister Jugnauth emphasised that a secure environment by the rule of law expedites the pace of socio-economic development. He congratulated the new recruits for their successful completion of a 28-week foundation course and dwelt on the colossal responsibility that comes with their selection in the police forces. “As a new generation of police officers, your unflinching commitment and professionalism will be pivotal in making our country a safer place”, he stated while cautioning them about their conduct in the public. “Every action you take will be taken to scrutiny and will impinge on the image of the police force”, he stressed.

The Prime Minister commended their hard work, sacrifice and perseverance to serve the country and protect the citizens while highlighting that their achievement is a moment of great pride for their families and friends who have supported, guided and motivated them to join the police force. “I am pleased to witness the transformation of all the young men and women who have become full-fledged police officers and their effective transition from a civilian to a well-disciplined member of the police force fit and fearlessly ready to serve the country and their fellow citizens”, he said.

Government, he stressed, has spared no efforts in ensuring that the MPF has the necessary capabilities and competencies to effectively carry out its missions. Capacity building and continuous professional development are key to enhancing the effectiveness of the MPF, he affirmed, while stating that the Government is investing massively to boost the operational effectiveness of the MPF, acquire new assets and state-of-the-art equipment to improve its response to crime and other incidents.

Passing out Parade - Mauritius Police Force 

They include: acquisition of the Advanced Light Helicopter MK III and new Passenger Variant Dornier, new fleet of vehicles and bicycles; construction of the Disciplined Forces Academy; an Automated Biometric Identification System; acquisition of new Coastal Surveillance Radar System; and acquisition of an Offshore Patrol Vessel. Government, he mentioned, is creating a more conducive environment for ensuring a “Police de Proximité” and improving community access to service delivery points. To this end, the construction and upgrading of police stations at Cent Gaulettes, L’Escalier, Phoenix and Triolet are underway. Additionally, the total amount allocated to the police force for this financial year has been increased to Rs 12.6 billion, he pointed out.

As regards other measures, Prime Minister Jugnauth outlined that since 2019, 1,440 police officers have been recruited and around 2,400 police constables and corporal having accomplished exemplary service for more than 20 years have been promoted to the higher ranks. Moreover, the recruitment of 1,000 Police Constables is in the pipeline, he added.

Reiterating Government’s unwavering resolve in the fight against drug trafficking, the Prime Minister underlined the major contribution of police officers in the record of drug seizures and arrests during the past years. A total of 25,243 arrests and drug seizures amounting to a sum exceeding Rs 16 billion has been registered since 2014. Furthermore, he pointed out that to enhance the enforcement capacity of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit, a total amount of Rs 315 million is being provided this year.

Prime Minister Jugnauth hailed the crucial role of police officers in reinforcing national security and the safety of all citizens. He exhorted the new recruits to uphold the values and principles of a good police officer and contribute in protecting the citizens, strengthen police-community relationships and deter prospective offenders.

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