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italian prime minister giorgia meloni

French President Emmanuel Macron Calls Shock Elections After Losing To Far-Right In EU Polls

Following his centrist alliance's crushing defeat in European Union (EU) polls by the far-right, French President Emmanuel Macron declared on Sunday that he was...

PM Giorgia Meloni Puts Poste Italiane, Nation’s “Crown Jewel”, Up For Sale

To address a massive public debt, Italy is considering selling a portion of its postal service, which Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni once referred to...

Italy’s Defence Minister Calls Joining China’s BRI An “Atrocious” Move

According to Guido Crosetto, Italy's defence minister, the country's decision to participate in China's Belt and Road (BRI) plan was "improvised and atrocious." Crosetto asserted...

Italy’s PM Says Good Relations With China Possible Without Belt & Road Agreement

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said on Sunday that better relations with China were still achievable even the country was not a part of...
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