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Stag Party Affair: Now, It Makes Sense For Maneesh Gobin To Follow Suit Says Roshi Bhadain

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The Reform Party leader was at a press conference this Wednesday morning at the Suffren in Port Louis. It was hosted jointly with his alliance partner, Patrick Belcourt of En Avant Maurice. Commenting on the news, Roshi Bhadain explained that, like his running mate, Minister Maneesh Gobin must also resign, as his name has been mentioned in the Stag Party saga.

Roshi Bhadain explains that he will pass a law enabling the public to remove a member of parliament from office if he has done wrong, should he ever come to power.

The leader of En Avant Maurice was in front of the press this afternoon, alongside Roshi Bhadain. For Patrick Belcourt, when an MP has betrayed the trust of the people, he must step down completely.

Referring to Rajanah Dhaliah’s resignation, Patrick Belcourt explained that it had not changed anything since he had resigned as a PPS only and continued to sit as an MP and therefore benefit from taxpayers’ money.

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