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Speaker Considers Contempt Action Against Arvin Boolell

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Announcement made this morning. Sooroojdev Phokeer explained that during a radio broadcast on 28 March, the PTr leader in Parliament made “unwarranted attacks” on his integrity as Speaker of the House.

He therefore indicated that his office is seriously considering acting against Arvin Boolell under the provisions of Standing Orders 49(8), 77 and 79.

It should be recalled that Arvin Boolell is serving his final suspension on Tuesday. He is due to resume his seat at the next sitting.

Last week, the speaker Sooroojdev Phokeer said he wanted to revisit some of the media coverage of the suspension of Arvin Boolell. He recalled that the PTr leader in Parliament was suspended following the vote of a motion by the House. He recalled that it is only after the vote of another motion that the suspension of Arvin Boolell can be lifted. “I have no authority in this matter,” he said. He added that so far he has not received a formal letter of apology from the suspended MP. This would have allowed him to regain his seat.

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