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SpaceX’s Starship Super Heavy Rocket Successfully Completes Third Test

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After two unsuccessful launches, SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, successfully completed the third test flight of their heavyweight rocket, the Starship Super Heavy, on Thursday. NASA is counting on the most potent rocket in history, Starship, to help them achieve their goal of putting humans on the moon later this decade.

Following the two flight tests, which gave SpaceX important insights and resulted in major improvements to the spacecraft and ground support systems, a series of extensive upgrades preceded this test flight.

SpaceX is aiming for an Indian Ocean splashdown, which is different from its previous attempts that were more toward Hawaii.

After the first two failed efforts, SpaceX has improved a number of things this time. The launch will include multiple improvements to the ship and booster in addition to a shift in the flight path to the Indian Ocean from Hawaii, says SpaceX.

SpaceX hopes to demonstrate the payload dispenser door and the ability to relight a Raptor in space with this mission. Furthermore, SpaceX hopes to show off the feasibility of cryogenic propellant transfer in orbit.

After the last two failed efforts, SpaceX has improved a number of things.

Standing at an astonishing 400 feet, the Starship Super Heavy is not only the most powerful rocket ever built, but it also marks a significant advancement in the field of reusable spacecraft. Future trips to the Moon, Mars, and beyond depend on Starship’s successful deployment; NASA has already announced that Starship would be used for its Artemis 3 lunar mission.

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