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Show: ‘Tou Korek’, For François Lindermann And Friends

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Following the success of ‘Confluences’ in 2020 and ‘Sea of Love’ in 2023, Swiss pianist and composer François Lindemann returns on March 2 with a new multi-ethnic musical entitled ‘Tou Korek’.  Performed at the Caudan Arts Center, this show brings together some of the biggest names in local music.

Tou Korek’ is a creation that revolves around non-verbal communication, body expressions, short interjections, contact gestures and melodic cues characteristic of Mauritius and Switzerland.

Composed by François Lindemann, the show also features a number of emblematic Mauritian melodies and songs. Audiences will also discover ten Mauritian musicians with varied influences (jazz, slam, sega) representing different local cultures (Indian, Mauritian, French, African).

Tickets are on sale at Rs 1200 (VIP), Rs 800 (premiere) and Rs 600 (second).

The musicians are :

Philippe Thomas, Samuel Laval, Kersley Pytambar, Christophe Bertin, Kurwin Castel, Loïc Auguste, Khugen Cunden, Jean-Jacques Arjoon, Clovis LionKlash, and Alain Alfred.

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