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Show: Alexandre Martin Will Celebrate 25th Anniversary Of His Career On 29 October

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Certainly one of the most appreciated comedians in the country, Alexandre Martin is celebrating his 25th anniversary this year. The artist invites the public to celebrate the event with him and other artists on 29 October at the Trianon Convention Centre at 7.30pm.

His career path commands respect. With several plays to his credit that have contributed to his success, Alexandre Martin is preparing to celebrate his 25-year career: “I started doing theatre during my student years at Patten College. Then my meeting with Miselaine was to be decisive in my career. It was with her and the Komiko troupe that I took off as a comedian.”

However, the artist considers that his career started before Komiko: “The first time I was paid as a comedian was when I was recruited to play the role of Titone in the video clip of Tian Corentin. That was in 1997.”

To mark the event, Alexandre Martin will give a show with all the comedians he has crossed paths with: “It will be a succession of sketches with other comedians such as Mamie Kloune, Lindsay Mootien, Cindy Pierre, Neeshi Beeharry among others. In total there will be about thirty artists including the Félicité brothers with whom I formed the Trioco troupe. It could even be that this troupe will rise from its ashes,” explains Alexandre.

Tickets will be available through the Otayo network at Rs 800 (gold), Rs 600 (silver) and Rs 400 (bronze).

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