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Sexagenarian From Pitot Valley Arrested For Human Trafficking

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He brought a 30 year old Malagasy woman to Mauritius on Thursday, March 2 and made her believe that he was going to pay her for a beautician course. This thirty-year-old woman was quickly disillusioned when Mamad Imran Chuttun, 61 years old, told her that he brought her to Mauritius rather for sex than to become a beautician. The inhabitant of Vallée Piton took advantage to sexually abuse this Malagasy. After the Malagasy woman filed a complaint during the day of Tuesday March 14, Imran Chuttun was arrested.

It is at the police station of Baie du Tombeau that this Malagasy woman went to denounce her sexual abuser. In her statement, this woman explained that since her arrival in Mauritius, she has been staying in a hostel in Baie du Tombeau. She said that she met the resident of Vallée Pitot by email and on Facebook. During their conversations, the Mauritian promised to pay her a beautician course as soon as she arrives in Mauritius.

Imran Chuttun paid her airfare for the sum of Rs 18 000. He also transferred Rs 1200 to her on three occasions and Rs 10,000 for her to buy clothes and other things. When she arrived at Plaisance airport, a cab came to pick her up and take her directly to this hostel in Baie du Tombeau.

On Friday, March 3, while she was in this hostel, Imran Chuttun came to meet her. He kissed her and fondled her breasts. The Malagasy woman said she resisted and pushed him away. The suspect then told her that for five months, he had not had sexual relations with his wife and if she would accept his proposal, he would marry her. Wrapped up in this proposal, the Malagasy woman finally agreed. On March 7, around 9 pm, Imran Chuttun came to her room, he immobilized her right hand from behind before sexually abusing her. The Malagasy woman insisted that she did not consent.

In the afternoon of March 8, around 2 pm, the inhabitant of Pitot Valley was back in this inn and there, he had to confess to the young Malagasy that he made her come to Mauritius rather for the sex than to become a beautician and that she has no other choice than to accept it. The victim reported that Imran Chuttun removed her clothes before sexually abusing her.

She said she expressed her wish to return to her country. On the same day, she also learned that the 60-year-old still lives with his wife and that he made false promises to her. She says she fears for her safety.

Imran Chuttun was arrested by elements of the Baie du Tombeau police station in the afternoon of Tuesday, March 14. After spending the night in a cell at the Piton detention center, he was brought before the Pamplemousses court.  A provisional charge of human trafficking was brought against him. He was taken back to the police cell.

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