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Septuagenarian Victim Of Robbery At Home

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“Si to kriye mo pou touy twa”. That’s what she was told by two individuals who burst into her home, a varnished house in Glen Park, late in the afternoon of Tuesday November 7. The 72-year-old pensioner was gagged before her hands and feet were bound. The thieves, who live in the locality, then made off with various items and a sum of Rs 2825. The total value was Rs 53,483.80. An investigation initiated by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Vacoas led within hours to the arrest of Nimesh Singh Purbhoonauth, 27, and Jean Jason Patrick, 28, both residents of Glen Park. They were questioned closely and soon confessed. The stolen items were recovered.

It was around 4 p.m. on the afternoon of Tuesday November 7, and she was going about her business. As usual, her door at the back of her house was always open. Suddenly, she found herself face to face with two individuals, who covered her mouth and eyes before tying up her hands and feet. They forced a towel into her mouth and told her, “Si to kriye mo pou touy twa”.

The two burglars began searching for his house. They seized an Apple tablet, a bottle of Guerlains perfume, three lipsticks, a nail varnish, two memory cards, three bottles of whisky of different brands and the sum of Rs 2825 in various denominations. All valued at Rs 53,483,80.

In her complaint to the Vacoas police station on the evening of Tuesday November 7, the septuagenarian stated that she was able to identify one of the two men, who was her neighbor. She says she was freed by one of her neighbors who came to her house after seeing the two suspects running out of her yard.

A team from the Vacoas CID led by Sergeant Mohundin arrested the two suspects on the evening of Saturday October 7. Nomesh Singh Purbhoonauth and Jason Patrick were placed in cells at the Curepipe and Vacoas police stations respectively. On Wednesday November 8, they were brought before the Curepipe court on a provisional charge of robbery with violence. They were subsequently taken back into custody.

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