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Self-Isolation As The New Normal For Fully Vaccinated People

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Asymptomatic cases are the most common. The reason, according to the Minister of Health, Dr Kailesh Jagutpal, is the increased vaccination rate. 81.8% of the population are primo vaccinated and 71.5% “fully vaccinated“. The Ministry of Health is changing the protocol and declaring self-isolation as the New Normal for fully vaccinated people. Certain conditions will apply.

When quarantine becomes self-isolation

We are moving to a new stage in the management of Covid positive cases. As 71.5% of our population is duly vaccinated, the quarantine for all is reduced to a 10-day self-isolation for the asymptomatic cases from the day they are found positive. Therefore, according to the decision of the High Level Committee, communicated during the press briefing of the National Communication Committee on Friday 20 August, all asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic positive cases of a person under 65 years of age will practice self-isolation. They will be assessed and monitored by a Home Monitoring Unit. The person concerned must be fully vaccinated, and if he or she is a first-time vaccinated, the first dose must be less than two weeks old. On the other hand, the person inoculated at Johnson & Johnson must have received his or her vaccine 28 days previously.

Self Isolation Press Conference

Covid News

Minister Jagutpal has been praising the national vaccination campaign as a great success. To date, 777,502 people have received their first dose or 61.4% of the population, or 81.8% of the adults and 679,602 double vaccinated or 53.7% of the population, have been vaccinated or 71.5% of the adult population.

Currently, 81 patients are admitted to ENT Hospital, one is considered critical and is admitted to ICU, 3 are on oxygen, 30 are mildly symptomatic and have co-morbidities and the remaining 47 are asymptomatic.

The Ministry has recorded 1661 positive cases out of 17,089 PCR tests. 4438 people are in quarantine of which 1039 are passengers. 2812 fully vaccinated people are in self-isolation.

As of Friday 20 August, the Ministry has 370 asymptomatic cases and 2 serious cases admitted.

Two suspected cases at KFC Quatre Bornes

Two suspected cases of Covid-19 were detected at KFC in Quatre Bornes this Friday, August 20, 2021. The employees were subjected to PCR testing, the results of which are expected tomorrow. The restaurant will be closed for a full decontamination, which will be performed by a specialized company on the evening of Friday, August 20, 2021.

Once decontaminated, KFC Quatre Bornes will reopen on Saturday, August 21, 2021, with a new team in place to provide service.

In accordance with current protocol, all other employees at KFC Quatre Bornes have also been tested for PCR. They are currently in self-isolation pending the results of their test.

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