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Rodrigues : Ourite Fishing Season Opens : Good Harvest

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Commissioner Louis Ange Perrine is very satisfied with the opening of ourite fishing in Rodrigues. Octopus fishermen and women were eager to get out to sea after the closure of the winter season, which they considered a long wait. There were more than 1,400 of them, and early on they headed out to sea around the island.

Anse Nicolas with 5.2 tons, Rivière Cocos 2.9 tons, Baie du Nord 2.6 tons, Petite Butte 2.2 tons, Pointe Monier 1.7 tons, Anse Goéland 1.5 tons, Pointe l’Herbe 1.4 tons, Port Sud Est 1.1 tons, Pointe Mathurin 1.06 tons and Baie aux Huitre 1.002 tons. It has to be said that the opening of the octopus fishery was scheduled for October 13, and scientists in the area noticed that the tide would not be favorable. They timed the fishing so that the fishermen could have two tides. The 30.6 tonnes fished is for the morning and afternoon tides, and the result is expected today, Tuesday October 17. For the opening day alone, fishing could exceed 40 tonnes.

The target of 40 tonnes has been set, but we’re not far off. Commissioner Louis Ange Perrine asserts that this is achievable. Rodrigues can achieve this figure. Good management, surveillance and management are important. The Commissioner also emphasized his satisfaction at the fact that the majority of ourite pickers were wearing their vests. He also highlighted the presence of representatives from Madagascar and Seychelles who attended the opening. The Commissioner said it was important to work hand in hand with the other islands of the Indian Ocean for greater exchange and knowledge.

The fisheries commissioner and deputy chief commissioner took a tour of Anse Nicolas on Tuesday, October 17, and reported that the surveillance and management of the closure were well done. One supervisor was even fined. The commissioner says he intends to do the same for out-of-lagoon and seine fishing, and that if resources are controlled, it’s the fishermen who will be the first to benefit, and it’s the lower end of the scale who will see their standard of living raised.

Ourite fishing is open until January. Let’s hope for more harvests in the coming days.

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