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Rassemblement Mauricien: May Every Decision Be In The Interests Of The Student!

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Examinations will be on the agenda by April. The Rassemblement Mauricien is very concerned about the fate of students, especially after educators, students and parents alike feel that the distance education systems adopted and managed as such by the Ministry concerned are inconclusive. The student has already fallen prey to these questionable ministerial decisions, as the backlog illustrates it.

The Education Committee of the Rassemblement Mauricien detailed each of these points that demotivate both students and teachers during this first press conference of 2022. “We must not allow students to become guinea pigs in this system. The management policy in education has not evolved much in these two years of Covid 19,” said Preetam Rambaruth, former rector and consultant attached to the Rassemblement Mauricien. “Acting in the interests of the student remains paramount,” pointed out Stephan Beeharry, educator and President of the RM. This is to avoid any possible burn-out or creating a population of disgusted people by keeping this educational system or children who will be tagged with ‘Zanfan Covid’ for their failings.

Although the Rassemblement Mauricien is proposing an exclusive unit to take over the management of all the logistics of online teaching, the party is proposing that each body concerned should get together to come up with the best formula. In relation to the gaps between students in various subjects and especially those in extended classes, the RM proposes that the staggered face-to-face teaching be re-established for all classes with an online follow-up, especially in these periods of exams which are fast approaching. The end of term exams will start in April.

With schools closed for a very long time, students are unstable academically, socially, behaviourally and in other ways. The Rassemblement Mauricien is calling for “the creation of a psychological framework for students who are disturbed and upset by these delays and distance learning courses, starting with the training of teachers to ensure better supervision“, and for teachers to receive advanced training in order to be up to date technologically and in the roles, they have to perform.

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