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PNQ: No Supplementary Question And Series Of Expulsions

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The Private Notice Question slot was very lively. After the Prime Minister’s opening response, the Speaker prevented the Opposition Leader from asking any further questions. There was a brouhaha, demands for explanations, invective… And in the end, a series of expulsions, including that of the Opposition Leader, Paul Bérenger, Rajesh Bhagwan, Stéphanie Anquetil, Mahend Gungaparsad and Fabrice David…

In his opening response, the Prime Minister said that neither he nor any officer in his office has had any discussions on behalf of the government with any foreign entity or telecom operator about the installation and use of equipment to sniff, regulate or intercept computer data on traffic between Mauritius and countries in the region. He gave several details on the cables used by the country to connect to the Internet. He specified that all the stations are places forbidden to the public.

Afterwards, Xavier-Luc Duval wanted to ask a supplementary question about a call that would have been made on Friday, April 15, 2022 at 10:18 am. The Speaker prevented him from doing so. Sooroojdev Phokeer stated that according to the title of the question and the answer of the Prime Minister, there was no need to ask any supplementary question. This gave rise to a great hubbub.

MP Mahend Gungaparsad was ejected first. Then it was Rajesh Bhagwan’s turn. The opposition leader was also expelled, as was Paul Berenger. Sooroojdev Phokeer wanted to move to the Prime Minister’s question time. But Stephanie Anquetil, who was to ask her question, said she could not do so because there were allegations of high treason made against the Prime Minister. She was expelled.

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