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PM Jugnauth: The Infrastructures At Agalega Operational By The End Of The Year And Will Be Vested Upon The Mauritian State

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The Opposition Leader’s Private Notice Question focused on the projects underway on the northern island of Agaléga, especially as the project will be inaugurated in December this year.

Pravind Jugnauth confirmed that the two major projects have been completed and that only additional structural work is underway and that once completed they will be under the management of the Mauritian state. Works in connection with the associated infrastructure for the airstrip and the jetty are ongoing and are nearing completion and expected to be operational by December 2023.

The Prime Minister also announced that, apart from the two major projects, 6 other socio-economic development projects are under construction and will be completed in November 2023.  They include, among others:

A library with IT equipment, a shop, two kiosks, offices with housing quarters, A fishing station and a community centre.  These projects are entirely financed by the Indian government, to the tune of 169,572,867 Indian rupees.

The infrastructural development projects currently underway on the Island will also go a long way towards improving the standard of living of our Agalean brothers and sisters as it will generate significant economic activities on the Island.

The Prime Minister also explained that tests have been completed on the airstrip since the beginning of 2023 and that it will be able to accommodate commercial flights once approval has been received from the Department of Civil Aviation.

During supplementary questions, Pravind Jugnauth announced that Specialised aircraft and boats would be needed to protect the EEZ.  He was responding to a question from the Leader of the Opposition as to what responsibility would fall on the Indian military and whether they would need residence and work permits.


After the PNQ, the leader of the opposition, Paul Berenger and Arvin Boolell meet the press. Both stated that India never wanted to keep agreement regarding Agalega secret. For Xavier Duval, the opposition, the population still is not clear about what is going on there. There has not been a Parliamentary Scrutiny of the agreement regarding this project. Paul Berenger also maintains that the Indian government does not have anything to hide regarding this project, Arvin Bolell comments of this type of secrecy, and he also asks why MP’s of Agalega cannot go there to see their mandates.

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