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PM Jugnauth: « I Do Not Need To Give Any Reason To Justify A Dismissal »

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The Prime Minister was at Côte d’Or yesterday. He was participating in a stone-laying ceremony for the constructions of social housing units. He was questioned by the press on the revocation of Vikram Hurdoyal. The Prime Minister announced that he met the former Minister yesterday. He said that the latter told him he will not make any comment to the press. The Prime Minister said that it would be inelegant for him to made statements. “I respect what he said. There is work to be done. I do not want to give details,” he said.

PM Jugnauth at the stone-laying ceremony for the constructions of social housing units

Pravind Jugnauth said, while media representatives insisted, he explained his decisions that he does not have to give any explanation or reason to justify a dismissal. He also said that the MSM is ready to face any event. “I am ready to face any event that may arise,” he added while questioned on a possible by-election. Pravind Jugnauth also said that his government has built 4 413 housing units since 2015, more than the 1 918 the Labor government constructed from 2005 to 2014.

However, on Monday evening at the Dr Idrice Goomany Centre, the MSM has organized a meeting for the regional committees of constituencies 2 and 3. Everyone was waiting that the Prime Minister comments his decision to revoke Vikram Hurdoyal as Minister of Agro-Industry the day before. However, there was no mention of Hurdoyal’s name. There were no explanations also. But, at one moment, Pravind Jugnauth said that he takes “full responsibility for every decision” he made.

PM Jugnauth at the stone-laying ceremony for the constructions of social housing units

He added that as Prime Minister, he insists that principles are respected and when necessary, he take bold decisions. “I don’t let things get deteriorated. You can’t let an illness develop into cancer,” he said. He added that he always insisted on discipline and good conduct in government. “This is why I take full responsibility for every decision I made,” he added.

It’s clear that even if any name has not been mentioned, we can easily deduct to whom he was referring.

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