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Phase 2 Of La Vigie-La Brasserie-Beaux Songes Link Road Launched By PM Jugnauth

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The Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, performed, yesterday in Pierrefonds, the groundbreaking ceremony for Phase 2 of the La Vigie-La Brasserie-Beaux Songes Link Road project in the presence of personalities from the government.

Prime Minister Jugnauth highlighted that the Government’s endeavour to modernise road infrastructure across the country, with the main objective of enabling the population to travel smoothly from one region to another despite the growing number of vehicles on our roads, is ongoing. The aim of Phase 2 of the La Vigie-La Brasserie-Beaux Songes Link Road project, he emphasized, is to enhance the quality of life of citizens by easing their safe movement between the central and western regions of the island and help them save time as well as fuel.

Phase 2 Of La Vigie-La Brasserie-Beaux Songes Link Road Launched By PM Jugnauth

Speaking about Government’s vision for a healthy population, the Prime Minister underlined that the La Vigie-La Brasserie-Beaux Songes Link Road, as well as the new road to be built from Pierrefonds to Flic-en-Flac, will also comprise a bicycle lane spanning over some 24 kilometres. He pointed out that all new road infrastructure projects will henceforth, as far as possible, include a bicycle lane in a bid to encourage citizens to practice a physical activity to stay healthy.

Furthermore, he added that the Flic-en-Flac Bypass, from Pierrefonds to Flic-en-Flac, is already being looked into and that works are expected to start in the coming months.

La Vigie-La Brasserie-Beaux Songes Link Road (Phase 2)

Phase 2 Of La Vigie-La Brasserie-Beaux Songes Link Road

Phase 2 of the project, to the tune of some Rs 1.3 billion, spans over 9.5 kilometres and is expected to be completed by October 2024. It is a continuity from the Marie Road (B102) at La Marie, passes through Henrietta, Holyrood, and ends at Pierrefonds. This new road will link the Palma Road (B2) and the Phoenix-Beaux Songes Road (B130), thus improving accessibility to the regions of Palma, Bassin, and Solferino, amongst others.

The works for Phase 2 involve, amongst others, the construction of: approximately 9.5 kilometres of single carriageway each consisting of 7.0 meters wide carriageway and 1.5 meters wide paved shoulder on both sides in the flexible pavement with a crushed stone sub base, a bituminous concrete wearing course and a road reserve; five concrete bridges, box culverts and provision of various drainage structures; and four roundabouts and associated slip lanes.

Phase 2 Of La Vigie-La Brasserie-Beaux Songes Link Road

Election petition: “I see the opponent gloating,” says Pravind Jugnauth

Asked about Suren Dayal’s election petition, set for July 10 by the Privy Council, Pravind Jugnauth said he has been confident from day one. “But I see the opponent gloating… His lawyers too,” he said. He added that he has confidence in the justice system. He also recalled that all the election petitions filed so far have been unsuccessful. Targeting Dr Navin Ramgoolam, Pravind Jugnauth says he “ran away” with his election petition. “Dr Ramgoolam said elections were stolen. He even claimed that he has documents to prove it. But he didn’t have the courage to file them in a court of law. He withdrew his election petition,” he said. And Pravind Jugnauth added that one should never claim victory before the game is played.

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