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Pep Unifie: Slade Lengentil’s 3rd Album

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Slade Legentil is back for the festive season with ‘Pep unifie’, an album of atmospheric sega. The official release is scheduled for March 2024.

Hénry Rotile

It was his meeting with Siven Chinien that encouraged him to take up music. Like his mentor, Slade also started out as a committed singer: “I worked with Siven for quite a while. Then I went solo before releasing two albums. One in 2005 and the other in 2015.”

8 years later, the artist has decided to change his style: “It’s a shame, but people are listening less and less to committed songs. This time around, I’ve decided to offer Mauritians some atmospheric sega for this festive season.”

Recently released, Slade Legentil plans to officially launch his album next year: “Distribution is a little behind schedule. But the album will soon be available in record stores. I also plan to launch it officially in March 2024. A concert will follow afterwards,” explains this resident of Beau-Bassin.

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