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Pastoral Letter: Cardinal Piat Is Very Much Concerned By The Cost Of Living, Inflation, And Drugs

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“Walking together is opening a path of hope”. This is the theme of Cardinal Maurice Piat’s 2023 pastoral letter, presented at the bishopric of Port-Louis on Wednesday 22 February.

The cardinal said he is concerned by “the world which is going badly with epidemics and conflicts”. He added that there are many challenges in Mauritius with the rising cost of living and the galloping inflation that weighs heavily on the population.

Another challenge is the easy circulation of drugs, which is destroying young people and families and corrupting institutions. “The rise in the cost-of-living weighs heavily on a large section of the population. The other major concern of the country is the easy circulation of drugs. It weakens the youth, destroys families and worse still corrupts our institutions. The lure of easy money is doing immense harm,” Cardinal Piat said at a press conference.

For Cardinal Piat, “in the midst of all this, we need hope. Together, we can find hope by recognising the dysfunctions that exist in our institutions”.

Cardinal Maurice E. Piat will present his pastoral letter in the Lenten programs on MBC TV every Sunday at 6pm.

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