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Niger Asks UN’s Top Official To Leave The Nation Within 72 Hours

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Due to claims that Niger was left out of the UN’s annual assembly of global leaders in New York last month, the junta in Niger has ordered the senior UN representative to depart the nation within 72 hours.

In July, military personnel of Niger overthrew President Mohamed Bazoum, suspended the constitution, dissolved all previous institutions, and named General Abdourahamane Tiani as the new head of state for the West African nation.

In a statement dated October 10, the foreign ministry of Niger accused the United Nations of employing “underhanded manoeuvres” that were instigated by France to deny its complete participation in the high-level UN General Assembly meeting that took place last month, as well as in the subsequent UN agency meetings that took place in Vienna and Riyadh.

Consequently, the administration has mandated for UN resident coordinator Louise Aubin to leave, according to the statement.

Speaking through his spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed his profound sadness at the decision and reiterated “the unwavering commitment of the United Nations to stay and deliver for the people of Niger.” “The decision … hampers the ability of the Organization to effectively carry out its mandates and disrupts the essential work we do for the people of Niger, where 4.3 million are in need of humanitarian assistance, mostly women and children,” Dujarric said.

Following rival claims for the nation’s UN seat made by the junta and Bazoum’s administration, no one from Niger spoke at the meeting of world leaders in New York last month.

The United States, China, and Russia are among the nine members of the committee that oversees UN accreditation matters. The committee is scheduled to convene in October or November to provide a judgement.

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