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Music: Elizabeth Armoogum, Fresh Voice

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Elizabeth Armoogum. Remember that name well. In a few years, this young woman could be the talk of the town musically. In the meantime, she’s warming up!

She is only 18 years old. But Elizabeth has a voice that is easily appreciated.

Music is in the blood of this Rose-Belle resident. “My parents sing for passion and my godfather is a musician. So I have been immersed in the world of music since I was a child.”

So when she told her parents that she wanted to make a living from singing, it was with their blessing that Elizabeth was able to live out her dream: “My parents accepted my choice because they know I’m passionate about it,” she tells us.

In order not to do things by halves, the young singer takes singing lessons: “I take singing lessons at the François Mitterrand Conservatory. This training is important, because to become a professional, you have to know the ins and outs of the business.”

Also singing in the hotel circuit, the singer wants to write an album one day: “I like reggae and zouk. If one day I were to write an album, it would be in those two registers.”

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