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Music: DjBing Prod Label Celebrates 10 Years In Music!

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On November 24, 2013, Jimmy Gassel founded DJ Bing Prod Label. Ten years on, the label is still here with some fine achievements. To celebrate this journey, a series of concerts is planned at the Henessy Park Hotel.

Hénry Rotile

What do Slimane, Mampi, Lisandro Cuxi and Madii Madii have in common? Dj Bing Prod Label. The label, created by DJ Jimmy Gassel, has produced concerts by Slimane, Mampi and Lisandro Cuxi, as well as albums by local artist Madii Madii, among others. 10 years on, the DJ says he’s very proud of his achievements: “Dj Bing Prod Label was born out of my desire to develop local music after working in the music business abroad for a long time. What’s more, I also wanted to produce young local artists. Ten years on, I’m pleased with the path the label has taken,” explains Jimmy – the director.

To celebrate the event, the label pulled out all the stops. “We’ve drawn up a calendar with several concerts. We’re kicking things off on November 25 at 8:30 p.m. with a concert by Blackayo. Blackayo will be covering his hits. He will also pay tribute to Kaya. Tickets will be on sale at Otayo for Rs 500 and Rs 600 at the door.”

Désiré François and the group Cassiya will be on hand on December 9 from 8:00 pm. Tickets available at Otayo at Rs 500 and Rs 700 at the door on the day of the concert.

Variety from the 80s to the 2000s on Saturday December 16, with several DJs. Tickets: Rs 500 at Otayo and Rs 600 at the door.

Jason Heerah and Jonas will close the festivities on December 23. Tickets: Rs 300 at Otayo and Rs 500 at the door.

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