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MP Farhad Aumeer Expelled For Refusing To Withdraw His Remarks

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At the start of the session, the Prime Minister paid tribute to Dr Roodrassen Neewoor, a former Member of Parliament. The Speaker then returned to an incident that occurred last week. He recalled that the ICT Minister had accused MP Farhad Aumeer of having referred to Minister Kailesh Jagutpal as a “disgusting liar”. This was during the debate on the Central Medical Procurement Bill. The No. 2 Labour MP denied having uttered this phrase. The Deputy Speaker, who chaired the debates, said he would check with Hansard. The Speaker said that after checking, it appeared that Dr Aumeer had indeed said these words to Kailesh Jagutpal. Sooroojdev Phokeer asked Dr Aumeer to withdraw his remarks and apologise to the National Assembly. “I am sorry, but I stand by what I said,” replied Dr Farhad Aumeer. Sooroojdev Phokeer then asked the PTr MP to leave the Chamber.

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