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Mexico Arrests Son Of ‘El Chapo’ Triggering Massive Violence

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Mexican security forces arrested on Thursday the leader of the gang of drug dealers, Ovidio Guzman, son of jailed bigwig Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, sparking massive violence at a time when US President Joe Biden next week.

El Chapo’s son’s arrest sparks violence

The barbarity took place mostly in the city of Culiacan in the northern Sinaloa state, home to the biggest drug cartel of the same name that El Chapo headed before his deportation to the United States in 2017.

In the violence that followed, seven personnel of the security forces seven members of the security including a colonel had been killed, and 21 had been injured along with eight civilians, said State governor Ruben Rocha. 

He further said that the violence included conflicts with the security forces numbering 12, 25 total incidents of looting, and 250 vehicles torched and used for blocking roads. 

The city was a scene of heavy fighting throughout the night in Culiacan, with members firing from the helicopter that flashed the sky with fires.

The violence reached the city’s airport with Mexican airline Aeromexico claiming one of its planes had been hit by gunfire at a time when a flight was scheduled for Mexico City. It confirmed there were no injuries or causalities. 

“Tomorrow we think we will be able to work normally,” he said, while also saying that as of yet more reinforcements, either from the army or the National Guard, had not been called. 

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s government was unsuccessful in arresting Ovidio in 2019 because of which the government had to face major humiliation. The violence at that time forced the government to shut down Culiacan’s schools and airports.

At the time of El Chapo’s arrest, Ovidio had become an important person and therefore was quickly released to stop the barbarism stemming from the vengeance of his gang. 

The news of Ovidio’s arrest was confirmed by Defense Minister Luis Cresencio Sandoval. He said that he has been detained in the capital, Mexico City. “The Mouse”, as is his other name, is charged with running a division of the Sinaloa drug cartel run by his father. 

A six-month monitoring operation that was supported by US authorities ended with the arrest. He called his seizure, which is another name for the potent criminal organization, a “decisive blow against the Pacific cartel.”

Ovidio’s arrest has happened ahead of a North American leaders’ summit in Mexico City next week, with US President Joe Biden in attendance and is expected to discuss security.

For information that resulted in Ovidio’s capture or conviction, the United States offered a $5 million reward.

It is not yet revealed whether Ovidio will be sent back to the United States like his father, who is already serving life imprisonment at Colorado’s Supermax, the most secure US federal prison.

Mexico is under more pressure to take action against groups like the Sinaloa Cartel that are in charge of manufacturing and distributing the drug as a result of an increase in overdose deaths in the United States.

One of the most potent drug trafficking groups in the world is the cartel.

With highly armed teams roaming in pickup trucks, the security authorities made an effort to contain the violent reaction to the arrest in Culiacan.

The public security chief of Sinaloa, Cristobal Castaneda, said, “We continue to work on regulating the situation.”

Authorities warned residents to stay indoors and said that because of the violence, schools and government buildings were closed. Additionally, street blockades had been set up.

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