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Metro Express: MEL Launches MECard Privilege

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The Metro Express Limited (MEL) officially launched the MECard Privilege, yesterday morning, at the MEL Ticket office in Phoenix Mall. The MECard Privilege is a revolutionary offer, seeking to promote unlimited daily mass transit commute by the Metro Express Light Rail Transport system, for a predetermined duration.

Four prepaid MECard passes have been devised for greater flexibility, each with a specific launch price and tailored according to the travelling frequencies of the passengers. The Privilege Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly amount to Rs150, Rs550, Rs2,000 and Rs20,000 respectively.

The Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail, Mr Alan Ganoo; the Chief Executive Officer of MEL, Dr Das Mootanah; MEL personnel; and other personalities were also present at the launch event.

MEL Launches MECard Privilege

In a statement, Minister Ganoo stressed on how availing of any one of the four Privilege MECards will facilitate an enhanced travelling experience, thereby, marking another milestone achievement for the MEL. Dwelling on the numerous benefits of purchasing the MECard Privilege for Rs100, he indicated that instead of people having to queue up to purchase a ticket every time they travel, they can simply perform the tap-in action to validate their MECard Privilege. This saves time and is more convenient, he added.

Moreover, Mr Ganoo remarked that the usage of the MECard Privilege is cost-effective in the long-run. For instance, rather than paying the travel fare for each metro commute, passengers can purchase the MECard Privilege Weekly, Monthly or Yearly, and travel unlimitedly within the chosen duration. Hence, the MECard Privilege fits in perfectly in this digitally-driven world, revolutionising transport with the concept of unlimited travel, he observed.

Saluting the MEL team for introducing this revolutionary and innovative offer, the Light Rail Minister urged the metro passengers to purchase and optimally benefit from the MECard Privilege.

MEL Launches MECard Privilege

For his part, Dr Mootanah highlighted the substantial progress made by the MEL. He informed that some 40,000 to 45,000 people normally travel by metro on a daily basis and that a hike to almost 50,000 passengers has been discerned during this festive season. The flexible, cost-saving and environmentally-friendly facilities provided by the MECard Privilege are also notable internationally, in countries including Australia, England and France, he pointed out.

Additionally, the CEO recalled the introduction of several social parks to the public and the launching of the first solar firm at the Ebene Recreational Park, in view to promoting a socially and environmentally integrated transport system. He also shared that a Strategic Development Plan is currently being contrived to extend the Metro Express Project across the island.

It is to be noted that MECard Adult can be reloaded with any MECard Privilege Pass of the commuter’s choice, at the MEL Ticket Offices, namely, at the Rose Hill Central, the Phoenix Mall and the Curepipe Central.

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