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Mélanie Nagen, Vimen Sabapati’s Lawyer Arrested On Wednesday On A Provisional Charge Of Conspiracy

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Mélanie Nagen was questioned at length by investigators from the Port-Louis South CID regarding the seizure of a mobile phone outside Vimen Sabapati’s cell on 8 June at the Central Barracks detention centre, nicknamed Alcatraz.

Her telephone number appears on the record of calls made from the mobile phone seized while Vimen Sabapati was in custody for drug trafficking.

The lawyer appeared before the Port-Louis court this afternoon to face provisional charges.

As the police did not object, Mélanie Nagen was released on parole after posting bail of Rs 30,000 and signing an IOU for Rs 50,000.

On Monday, three months after a mobile phone was found outside her husband’s cell, Dorothée Sabapati, Vimen’s wife, was arrested. She was released on bail yesterday.

This Wednesday, it was Me Melany Nagen’s turn to be questioned and then arrested in connection with this investigation. In court in Port-Louis this afternoon, Melany Nagen’s lawyer, Rouben Mooroongapillay, brought a motion to strike out the provisional charges against his client.

The Police Prosecutor has asked that the case be set down for hearing on this motion. Melany Nagen is due back in court in Port Louis on 6 October.

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