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Mauritius Telecom: Record Sales Of Rs 11.4 Billion; Net Profits Of Rs 1.1 Billion

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Mauritius Telecom posts outstanding financial performance for 2022 with record sales and net profits that have almost doubled. CEO Kapil Reesaul and MT Chairman Maxime Sauzier held a press conference on Thursday June 8 at Telecom Tower to announce the results for the past financial year. It was also an opportunity for Kapil Reesaul to unveil his 2023-2025 strategic plan.

MT confirms its excellent financial health with this impressive balance sheet. Last year, the telecommunications company posted record sales of Rs 11.4 billion, representing growth of 5.3% over the previous year.

In addition, Mauritius Telecom posted net profits in excess of the billion mark, i.e. Rs 1.1 billion in 2022 versus Rs 594 million in 2021. This represents remarkable growth of 79%.

Kapil Reesaul is satisfied.  “We faced many challenges last year, but we overcame them. We showed that we are a resilient, resourceful and determined company.”

In 2022, against a volatile global backdrop, Mauritius Telecom has taken bold steps to meet the demands of its shareholders, service providers, employees and 1 million+ customers.

The company has continued to invest in network optimization and security to ensure the best possible customer experience. The operator also focused on innovation and digitization, essential to its growth.

Mauritius Telecom posts outstanding financial performance for 2022

Mauritius Telecom even more responsible and ethical

The CEO also listed the initiatives taken to make MT more responsible and ethical:

  • The code of conduct has been updated to reflect MT’s values and commitment to more ethical behavior.
  • The principles of good governance have been reinforced to ensure transparent and accountable management of the company.
  • Emphasis has been placed on training programs to enable employees to develop the skills to better succeed in a digital world.

“The Board has delivered on its commitment to ensure that Mauritius Telecom operates to the highest standards of fairness and transparency with the strengthening of good governance practices within the company. Similarly, we have implemented measures to promote a culture of ethics and integrity among employees”, said MT Chairman Maxime Sauzier.

  • improve the digital lifestyle of all Mauritians,
  • promote business prosperity,
  • create a digital economy,
  • contribute to a sustainable telecoms ecosystem,
  • invest internationally to put Mauritius Telecom on the world map.

To enable the company to achieve its objectives, CEO Kapil Reesaul has presented a strategic plan for the next two years, a roadmap that is broken down into four major areas:

  • digitalization and a simplified customer experience,
  • innovation in new sources of revenue – with improved products and solutions,
  • optimized data management and security,
  • compliance with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.
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