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Linite: Never Give Up Signs 2nd Single

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Never give up is a collective of artists from different backgrounds. Linite, the 2nd single of the collective is available since this month.

The seven artists are Richard Verloppe, Antonio Alexandrine, Nabaioth, Vanessa Mathews, Shanice, Benita Nabab and David Duval. Together they form the collective Never give up: “Our musical formation gathers 7 artists who already have a solo career. We came together to live our passion for music,” explains Richard Verloppe, one of the members of the collective.

Founded in 2019, the group has two singles: “The first was released in 2019 and is called Enn sel kombat. Then this month we just launched our 2nd single which is titled Linite – an ode to multiculturalism and the harmony it should prevail within our country.”

The collective has several projects for the coming year. For the time being, they are concentrating on promoting Linite on radio stations.

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