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L69 Nations Call For UNSC Reforms For Permanent & Non-Permanent Members

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In a conference hosted by India, the L69 group of developing nations reaffirmed its proposal for the UN Security Council to be reformed to include both more permanent and non-permanent members.

It also expressed the expectation that the Intergovernmental Negotiation (IGN) process, where the reform topic is being addressed among all member states, would result in a “single consolidated text” that could then be used as the foundation for advancing towards “concrete outcomes within a fixed timeframe.”

L69 is a collection of nations from Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Island states. The group introduced a document, L69, in 2007–2008 that served as the impetus for the IGN process.

China and a number of other “naysayer” nations that want to prevent regional rivals from being appointed to the UNSC have intentionally obstructed discussions by asking for a consensus in theory but breaking up a consensus in practise, which has rendered the reform process ineffective.

In particular, L69 demanded that developing nations be better represented on the UNSC to enable it to respond to contemporary concerns. Additionally, it underlined the idea of “equitable geographic representation,” with a hint towards increasing the participation of places like Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America “in both categories in the council.” There isn’t a single representative from any of the three aforementioned areas in the UNSC today.

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