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King Charles Was Too Much Attached With His Childhood Teddy, Reveals A New Book

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King Charles III had hired a person to take care of his beloved childhood teddy bear, claims a new book. The book, ‘The King: The Life of Charles III’ observed that the new monarch very much adored the teddy bear even after gaining adulthood.

Christopher Anderson, the book’s author, also observed that an old nanny of King Charles III “was the only human being allowed to take needle and thread to Prince Charles’ teddy bear.”

Christopher Anderson, talking about the King’s emotions for his childhood teddy bear, said, “He was well into his forties, and every time that teddy needed to be repaired, you would think it was his own child having major surgery.”

He further added, “He still travels with a childhood teddy bear. He’s had it since he was a very small child…The only person who’s been allowed to mend King Charles’s teddy bear is his childhood nanny, Mabel Anderson, who he remains very close to.”

While looking for content for his book, Anderson enquired about King Charles III’s childhood from one of his staff who told him, “For someone who said he was bullied as a child, Prince Charles clearly enjoyed bullying us. He could be pleasant and courteous, but just as much of the time, he was moody and mean. He didn’t think twice about shouting insults at you if you put a foot wrong.”

King Charles had also allegedly been particular about his breakfast, he used to give proper instructions. The breakfast had to “contain a cup and saucer to the right with a silver spoon pointing outward at an angle of five o’clock,” the author said.

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