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Kandasamys – The Baby: Two Mauritian Actors Shine!

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Kandasamys: The Baby was launched on Netflix on October 20. Partially shot in Mauritius, the 4ᵉ installment of this successful South African film, saw the participation of two Mauritian actors in the persons of Poonam Jheelan and Edeen Bhugeloo.

Hénry Rotile

Kandasanys: The Baby is the sequel to two previous films about the adventures of a South African family of Indian origin. Popular on Netflix, the film saw the participation of Poonam Jheelan and Edeen Bhugeloo. Our two compatriots played important roles in the film: “At the beginning of the year, I was contacted by a casting agency. I went well prepared and two weeks later I was told that I’d been chosen to play the role of Mootoo in the film. It was a great experience, especially as Poonam and I were invited to the premiere of the film in South Africa,” explains Edeen.

Kandasamys - The Baby
Poonam Jheelan (in turquoise dress) and Edeen Bhugeloo are the two Mauritian actors featured in the film.

For the actor, who began his career in 2012, Kandasamys: The Baby once again confirms his potential: “Since my debut, I’ve continued to improve. That’s why I’m often cast in international films like Matthew McConaughey. It’s a good omen for the rest of my career.”

In the years to come, Edeen could well see herself in a blockbuster: “It’s entirely possible. In any case, I’m working on it and there’s also a luck factor. However, when we talk about blockbusters, we usually refer to foreign productions. But, a local production can just as easily be a hit.”

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