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Kailesh Jagutpal: This Alliance Shows The Government Is Strong

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The MSM press conference yesterday, Saturday July 15, was hosted by MP Sandra Mayotte and Health Minister Kailesh Jagutpal. Dr Jagutpal addressed the political side of things, saying that it had taken three years for the three parties to finally form an Alliance. He wondered how long it would take them to decide on the various key positions to be allocated within the Ptr, MMM and PMSD. According to him, this alliance will demonstrate that it is dealing with a strong government.

Speaking about dengue fever, Minister Jagutpal said that it had been almost a month since the first cases were detected. To date, 121 cases have been recorded in Mauritius and 54 in Rodrigues.

The Minister of Health, le carnet de santé, announced that Human tissus will soon become a reality. Not to mention free treatment abroad for children.

MP Sandra Mayotte, who opened the press conference, congratulated the athletes, Noemi Alphonse and Yovanni Phillippe, who hit the ground running on Friday evening at the Charlety stadium in Paris. Her speech focused on road accidents. She deplored the fact that for some time now, the number of accidents has been rising steadily. Over 45 fatal accidents since the beginning of the year! We in the government,” she said, “have the lives of every Mauritian at heart. The safety of the population, and especially that of senior citizens, remains our priority,” she said. Before pointing the finger at the behavior of road users, which often leads to accidents. Sandra Mayotte notes a certain carelessness on the part of both drivers and pedestrians. At the same time, she noted that the Leader of the Opposition and his henchmen had once again come to use road victims to play politics.

During question time, Minister Jagutpal explained that the second phase would soon be launched. Regarding the places where methadone is distributed, the Ministry is already working on a plan, and solutions will be found. Methadone distribution will be computerized. This will enable better monitoring,” explains Kailesh Jagutpal. Asked by the press about Mᵉ Lockraj Nuckchady’s resignation, Minister Jagutpal explained that since his appointment, Me Nuckchady has looked into more than 130 cases of medical negligence and he would like to thank him for his work and if he has decided to resign, there is nothing we can do about it.

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