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Judicial Inquiry Into The Death Of Shoprite’s Former Employee

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Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Dorsamy Ayacooty : “The Fire Services has deployed great means to find Dineswar Domah.

The Judicial Inquiry into the death of the former employee of Shoprite, Dineshwar Domah has started in Rose-Hill District Court. Dineshwar perished in the fire that broke out in the warehouse of the hypermarket on November 12, 2017. It is the prerogative of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to set up a Judicial Inquiry to shed some light on this tragic death. The hearing of the Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Dorsamy Ayacooty has continued Wednesday. Whilst being questioned by the Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Me Azam Neerooa, he explained that during the intervention made on that day, three groups of three officers had been deployed for a Search & Rescue operation. There was also a Station Officer on duty inside the warehouse. Dorsamy Ayacooty stated that when he arrived on the spot, he took command of the operation. “We made strategic and tactical decisions to try to control the disaster”, he added.

The Assistant Chief Fire Officer insisted that he asked his officers to look for the missing employee, Dineshwar Domah. He added that there were two entrances to the fire scene and that heavy smoke was coming from the warehouse. Thus, the visibility was nil. “The officers had to use their flashlights to continue the exercise. They also called out the name of the missing employee. A lot of resources were deployed to find him”, he added. He was confronted to the statement of the Station Officer of the Quatre-Bornes fire station. However, his answers did not seem to convince the DPP’s representative. Magistrate Damini Dookhy, who is presiding over this judicial inquiry, asked Dorsamy Ayacooty “to be honest” in his remarks.

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