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Indian State Of 241 Million People Declared COVID-Free After Government Promotes Ivermectin

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The state of Uttar Pradesh in India which has equivalent of two-thirds of the United States population, has been declared COVID-Free, the state government announced last week.

There are no more active cases of coronavirus in the 33 districts of Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of 241 million people. Hindustan news reported, “Overall, the state has a total of 199 active cases, while positivity rate came down to less than 0.01%. The recovery rate, meanwhile, has improved to 98.7%.”

The answer to the recovery is likely because the government’s early use and distribution of Ivermectin to its citizens. Uttar Pradesh was the first state in the country to introduce large-scale prophylactic and therapeutic use of Ivermectin. In May-June 2020, a team at Agra, led by Dr. Anshul Pareek, administered Ivermectin to all RRT team members in the district on an experimental basis. It was then observed that none of them developed COVID-19 despite being in daily contact with patients who had tested positive for the virus.

Based on the findings, the state government sanctioned the use of Ivermectin as prophylactic for all contacts of Covid patients and later cleared the administration of therapeutic doses for the treatment of such patients. Hence due to that timely introduction of Ivermectin since the first wave, it has helped the state to maintain a relatively low positivity rate despite its high density.

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  1. Como vou acreditar numa vacina que é experimental, onde o fabricante tenta não se respossabilizar pelos efeitos colaterais e pior tem relatos que os efeitos são perigosos, e quem já vacinou contrai o covid, então que merda é isso?.


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