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In The Toilets Of The DHQ In Sainte Croix: A Policeman Takes His Friend To Smoke Heroin

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This case is said to be a first for the police force. Zyad Ally Peeroo, 44, a police officer and suspected drug addict, was arrested on the afternoon of Tuesday January 23 with his friend Mohamad Nadeem Khodabux, a 40-year-old security guard, in the toilets of Abercrombie’s District Headquarters’ (DHQ) in Sainte Croix. Questioned about his presence there, Nadeem Khodabux declared, “Peeroo finn amenn mwa la pou fim heroin”. The two suspects were arrested and taken into custody. This Wednesday morning, January 24, they were brought before the Port-Louis court on a provisional charge of drug possession with aggravating circumstances. Only Nadeem Khodabux was subsequently released on parole.

Following a request from Inspector Thandroyen of the Divisional Supporting Unit (DSU), a team from the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (Adsu), led by sergeants Yan Sun Fong, Jharee and Placathose, was dispatched to Abercrombie DHQ on Tuesday January 23 at 12.18pm to investigate two suspicious individuals who had entered the men’s toilets on the ground floor. One of the cabins in the middle of the toilets was locked. Suspecting that these two people were inside, a policeman knocked on this door and asked the occupants to open it. But no one answered, while a flushing sound could be heard. The door remained closed. The police officers identified themselves and knocked on the door again. A moment later, the door opened.

Constable Zyad Peeroo, assigned to the Abercrombie police station and living in Pailles, and Nadeem Khodabux from Sadally, Vacoas, came out. When questioned about their presence inside the toilet stall, security guard Nadeem Khodabux replied, “Peeroo finn amenn mwa la pou fim heroin”. Both men were taken to the Adsu office in the same building for questioning. They were first strip-searched. A dose of heroin was found on officer Peeroo. He was not working on Tuesday, January 23.

A search was then carried out at the homes of Constable Peeroo in Pailles and Nadeem Khadabux in Sadally, Vacoas. A bottle containing methadone was found in a refrigerator at Zyad Peeroo’s home. He failed in his attempt to swallow the contents of the bottle. Both suspects were placed in a cell at the Vacoas detention center.

After appearing in court in Port-Louis on Wednesday morning, January 24, only Nadeem Khodabux was released on bail. The investigation into Constable Peeroo has not yet been completed.

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