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In Le Hochet, Terre-Rouge: A Woman In Her Thirties Had A Near-Death Experience Against A Crazy Truck

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Her death would have been certain, had she not reacted promptly to rush into a supermarket in Le Hochet, Terre-Rouge on the afternoon of Monday September 4. The 32-year-old local resident was nearly crushed under the wheels of a towing truck speeding along the sidewalk. The vehicle passed under a scooter parked on the side of the road. The driver of the truck and the owner of the scooter were summoned to the Terre-Rouge police station for questioning on Tuesday, September 5, after viewing surveillance camera footage.

The accident occurred shortly before 3.05pm on Monday September 4. A 32-year-old resident of Le Hochet, Terre-Rouge, was walking along the right-hand sidewalk leading to Sainte-Croix, just before the Indian Oil service station. A crazy tow truck driving towards Terre-Rouge crossed the sidewalk, and the woman had just enough time to run into a supermarket to save her life. As it passed, the towing truck crossed over a scooter parked on the side of the road in front of the business.

Truck Accident

The images captured by a surveillance camera are shocking. However, no police case has been made regarding this accident. The truck driver and the motorcyclist went to the police station to make an entry. They agreed to make an amicable report. On Tuesday morning, September 5, after the manager of the Terre-Rouge police station had seen the images of the accident, he summoned the 33-year-old driver and the 59-year-old motorcyclist for investigation. An entry for dangerous driving has been opened. Both men live in the Terre-Rouge area.

On Tuesday afternoon, September 5, police were informed that the truck driver had been admitted to hospital. The scooter driver will also have to give his version.

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