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ICT Sector: Objectivity UK Starts Operations In Mauritius

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Objectivity, an international IT company, headquartered in UK, launched its operational activities in Mauritius, during an event organised, yesterday, at Le Suffren Hotel in Port Louis in presence of the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Mr Darsanand Balgobin, the Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Rob Helle, and other personalities.

The start of operations of Objectivity in Mauritius, Minister Balgobin said, demonstrates that the business ecosystem of the country is functioning properly while emphasising that it shows the willingness of the company to contribute to the Mauritian ICT sector. The presence of the company in the country, he added, is in line with Government’s strategy to attract more internationally renowned companies in the field of high and emerging technologies.

The ICT Minister recalled that the global economy has been subject to economic shocks following the COVID-19. However, he said, ICT is the only sector in Mauritius which has been able to withstand the effects of the pandemic and has also been able to mitigate to some extent its impacts on other sectors of the economy. On this score, he spoke of the need to further consolidate the pillars of the sector by bringing in a touch of new technologies.

Objectivity UK Starts Operations In Mauritius

Minister Balgobin also dwelt on the objectives of the Ministry which are to improve service delivery and dissemination of information by providing a high-speed communication infrastructure and developing the digital economy. He thus observed that Objectivity’s aims are perfectly aligned with the vision of Mauritius as an innovative, modern, and better place to live in. He encouraged other ventures like Objectivity to set up business in Mauritius so as to transform the country into a real digital hub in the region.

The Group CEO of Objectivity expressed enthusiasm for this first venture into Africa and said the aim is to create 300 IT skilled jobs in Mauritius so as to contribute to the ecosystem of the country. Mr Helle pointed out that the company has chosen to launch its operational activities in Mauritius for the technical quality of IT in the country. He looks forward to a positive response from Mauritians.


The company, set up 1991 in UK, operates across Europe with over 800 highly qualified people. It envisions to recruit and train more than 100 top talents in the IT sector in its new delivery centre in Mauritius. Based on the Win-Win philosophy, it aims to create the best working conditions for its employees.

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