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Helodie Jane Leopold: Beautiful Voice From Rodrigues

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Music and Helodie Jane Leopold are one and the same. Between two won singing contests and two singles, the 28 years old woman wishes to share her passion with children. Meet her.

Coming from a family of musicians, Helodie is making her way in music.

Originally from Montagne Goyages in Rodrigues, she is also a regular on stage: “When I was younger, I used to sing in bands in Rodrigues. Since I am in Mauritius for tertiary studies, it happened to me before the covid-19 to perform in hotels.

Helodie Jane Leopold
The young singer wants to open a music school for children.

As a repertoire, Helodie feels vocally comfortable in any style of music. However, she admits to having a weakness for reggae and jazz: “I can waltz between English and French variety without much difficulty. But I like reggae and jazz a little more.

With many projects in mind, the singer wants to open a music school for children: “I will make it a priority once I have finished my studies. I think it is always good to share the little experience you have with others, especially children.

As a reminder, Helodie already has two singles to her credit including ‘Decourager’ and A way featuring Stelio Pierre-Louis. She also won first place in two singing competitions – Youth Karafun Competition in 2012 and the Rodrigues MBC Star in 2013.

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